Industrial PVC Cable Tolerates Flexing

Series XM flexible control cable relies on a cost-effective new PVC formulation that overcomes previous issues associated with PVC jackets to enable continuous flexing without cracking or degradation in strenuous industrial applications such as high-speed pick-and-place robotic systems, automated material handling equipment, conveyors and transfer shuttles.

Aw 1818 1005 Alpha
Available in wire sizes from 18 AWG to 8 AWG and up to 65 conductors, oil- and sunlight-resistant XM cables have a dynamic temperature range from -5°C to +90°C. They are approved to a wide range of standards that includes UL Types TC-ER, MTW, and WTTC and CSA AWM I/II A/B FT4. The cables are available unshielded or with a braid shield for electrically noisy environments. Conductors are red, blue, or black to match industry-standard color coding for AC and DC circuits.

Alpha Wire

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