Free Downloadable Programming Software

Users can now download the vendor’s Think & Do v8.04 Keyless Development Demo package for its WinPLC processor for free.

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The free Demo includes the same development software that customers receive when they purchase the full Think & Do development package for $1,895. Think & Do consists of a development package that runs on a PC, and one or more runtime keys that reside on real-time industrial controller application targets. The free Think & Do Demo package has no limits when it comes to development, only in terms of runtime targets. But, these limits don’t affect the WinPLC, as it comes pre-loaded with Windows CE and Think & Do runtime software. This means that customers can download the Think & Do v8.04 Keyless Development Demo package for free, create software applications with Think & Do, and download these applications to an unlimited number of WinPLC targets. For real-time industrial controller targets not pre-loaded with Think & Do runtime software, the Development Demo package has certain runtime limits.


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