Check Voltage Outside the Box

The R-1A0033W-NPLPH assembly, known as the Interactive Functioning Voltage Label, allows users to identify arc flash ratings, verify voltage states and locate all voltage sources from outside an electrical panel, reducing electrical risks to employees and promoting compliance to NFPA 70E.

Aw 1834 1005 Grace
It consists of a Voltage Vision R-3W voltage indicator, three ChekVolt R-1A voltage portals and a polycarbonate UV-rated nameplate. ChekVolt extends a voltage point to the outside of an electrical enclosure so that a Non-Contact Voltage Detector (NCVD) can be used to check for AC voltage without access to the inside of the enclosure. VoltageVision is a UL-listed device that functions like a permanently mounted voltmeter that monitors both AC and DC voltage between each phase and phase-to-ground. When a phase is lost, the LEDs corresponding to that phase will go out, giving a visual indication of a problem outside of the panel.

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