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FactoryTalk(R) Metrics and VantagePoint Improve OEE

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FactoryTalk Metrics from Rockwell Automation provides detailed information on the performance of production equipment. It begins with a comprehensive Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) system for measuring machine, line and plant efficiency that uses data already present in control systems and HMIs. It also provides detailed analysis of downtime and its causes and other machine events that waste capacity and increase costs, allowing managers to prioritize and focus process improvement efforts to maximize results.

FactoryTalkVantagePoint incorporates the real-time machine data from Metrics, along with data from the range of other sources within the plant, to provide the analytical context that turns data into manufacturing intelligence. With its unified information architecture, VantagePoint produces Web-based reports, trends and dashboards that can be used to manage cost, quality and resources more effectively.

Benefits include:
- Improve production agility by monitoring production variables and asset availability;
- Reduce cost by minimizing scrap and waste, conserving energy thus lowering cost-per-unit;
- Defer capital spending by improving asset utilization and maintenance;
- Decrease overhead costs by saving time in collecting data and preparing reports.

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