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New Non-Contact Imaging Spectrophotometer

TRICOR Systems, Inc., designer / manufacturer of the first imaging gloss meter, is proud to introduce another first - The Model 600 Non-Contact Imaging Spectrophotometer.

Aw 1874 1004 Tricor Pr

The Model 600 is a true non-contact imaging spectrophotometer capable of measuring reflective, transmissive and emissive color over large areas from 380nm to 780nm at one time. It is ideal for measuring and ensuring the correct color of any product or graphic. Users now have a means to evaluate, track and correct the color of their final products thus eliminating the subjectivity of visual assessments or spot inspections.

The Model 600 is also ideal for measuring graphics of packaging, prints, fine art, textiles, flooring, wall treatments, illuminated displays, backlit panels, projection systems, overlays, foods, pharmaceuticals, powders, liquids, plastics, paints, coatings, inks, medical, etc. No longer is there a need to rely on color bars, sample plaques and swatches when you can measure the actual image/product. With TRICOR's auto aligning software, comparison of identical sample patterns to a standard image can be accomplished in seconds.

The word "Imaging" in Imaging Spectrophotometer refers to the system's sensor, a camera, used to acquire spectral data over the measurement area. No more single point measurements. Now every pixel in the image is a virtual independent spectrophotometer with full spectral data! Therefore, a 1280 x 960 image is equivalent to having over 1.2 million independent spectral reflectance curves. The Model 600 will not only allow users to see the area that they wish to measure on their computer screens, but it allows them to place an adjustable cursor on the exact area to be measured. After a measurement is made, the results can be viewed in any of the following measurement units: XYZ, xyz, L*a*b*, Lab, u'v', L*u*v*, CCT, E color difference etc.

The Model 600 is the ideal quality control instrument for any industry where color is critical because of its ability to make a non-contact measurement of color over a large area. This unique color spectrometer will prove to be an essential tool for the quality oriented manufacturer as well as OEM's with a need to integrate color measurement into their design. For more information please visit

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