DXAdvanced R4 Data Acquisition and Display Station

April 7, 2010
The Yokogawa DXAdvanced R4 is the newest and most capable version of the DAQSTATION data acquisition and display stations.

Standard high capacity memory and a new option for stringent pharmaceutical applications are new features on the highly capable DXAdvanced R4.

The Advanced Security option delivers full compliance with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11, enabling all DXAdvanced R4 models to be used in any FDA program area that must comply with the regulation. This is complimented by a multi-batch option that allows channels to be grouped and recorded to discrete batch records with independent start and stop control.

Standard features include 400MB of internal flash memory, with an optional USB interface for data retrieval using USB memory devices or configuration with a USB keyboard.

All models include custom graphics that allow users to design custom display screens unique for their application. An alarm annunciator display mode using ISA sequencing is also included the DXAdvanced R4 performs as an intelligent annunciator system with data display and recording functions- replacing common annunciator lamp panels. Historical data review is much easier thanks to a calendar display and search tool, and enhanced trend history functions.

Two model ranges are offered- DX1000 with 2-12 universal inputs, 5.5" color display; and the larger DX2000 with 4-48 universal inputs and 10.4" color display.

Open network connectivity is a hallmark feature of all DXAdvanced models. In addition to MODBUS RTU and TCP, EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS DP protocols aid installation on control networks. DXAdvanced R4 can interface with PLCs and other control products as a data source or to add graphical data display and recording functions. An external input option allows the DX2000 to handle up to 300 additional inputs from external I/O such as Yokogawa’s MW100 data acquisition system, for a total system capacity of 348 inputs.

Sales release is scheduled for February 2010.

Yokogawa Corporation of America - www.yokogawa.com/us

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