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Precision Flare Gas Measurement

The GF90 Flare Gas Flow Meter is designed to solve the problem of measuring dangerous, explosive and toxic hydrocarbon waste gases that often flow at extremely varying and/or low levels.

Aw 1948 1004 P Fluid
With a highly sensitive thermal mass flow sensing element and microprocessor-based intelligence featuring multiple calibration groups built into the design, the advanced GF90 delivers precision flow measurement from 0.25 to 1600SFPS. Designed with 316 stainless steel and nickel-braze construction, the GF40 can also be specified with corrosion and abrasion-resistant alloys, including Hastelloy, Monel and tantalum, with all-welded construction for service in the harshest environments. It is available for service in a broad range of applications—operating at temperatures from -100 to 850ºF (-73 to 454ºC) and pressures to 1000 psig.

Fluid Components International LLC

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