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Gantry/Robot Combo Delivers Savings

The IRB 6620LX is a hybrid system integrating articulated robot automation with a linear gantry, providing a 5-axis overhead robot arm mounted on a linear axis.

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With a 150kg (330 lbs) payload and large, scalable work space, the system is designed to offer greater versatility and cost effectiveness than customized linear handling systems. The linear axis can support up to two robots, and can serve several stations or machines simultaneously or in programmed coordination. The linear gantry acts as the first axis of the robot, providing the same agility as a standard 6-axis robot. The linear axis can range from 2.5m to 4m (8 to 13 ft) high and from 1.8m to 33m (6 to 108 ft) long, and saves floor space by elevating the robot(s) over the work area. In machine tending applications, the system can access machines either from the top or the side.

ABB Robotics

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