Automated Backup Meets SIL 3

Diamond-SIS automated independent backup (AIB) is a low-cost, standalone safety instrumented system (SIS) that backs up current process control trip logic and meets the requirements of IEC 61511.

Aw 1951 1004 Sistch
The system includes an IEC 61508 logic solver that is functionally independent from the process control system, supplements existing logic, and meets all appropriate safety standards. Diamond-SIS AIB is designed to provide high integrity and process reliability. It is available in single-, dual-, and triplicated-channel configurations with on-line diagnostics, testing and maintenance capabilities. The single- and dual-channel systems are acceptable for SIL 2, while the triplicated-channel system is certified by Factory Mutual to SIL 3. This means that Diamond-SIS can meet the fault tolerance and PFavg requirements of any application. With its 5A output rating, the system can de-energize multiple final elements including motor control circuits and/or solenoid-operated valves. Local or remote manual reset ensures controlled process re-start after shutdown.


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