Controller Adds Features

The Durus Plus is a low-end controller featuring RTD, analog out, four-function math, PID and Modbus Master/Slave communications.

Aw 1960 1004 Geip
It builds on the foundation of the Durus, which integrates I/O, control and operator interface, adding more functionality to the same footprint for applications where extra capability is needed. Durus controllers include features such as easy-to-use built-in display/keypad, high current outputs and multiple communication options. The Durus Plus features additional functionality beyond the Durus: The display has been increased to 12 lines by 16 character; memory has been increased from 200 lines of ladder code to 300 lines; memory has been increased from 99 blocks to 260 blocks for Function Block Diagram programming; Add/Subtract, Multiply/Divide, PID, Data Multiplexer, Analog Out Ramp and Data Move function blocks were added to increase programming capabilities.

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