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Sensor Features Programmable Switching Point

The non-contacting PSC-360 programmable Hall effect magnetic sensor features a switch function not found in other 360º absolute position sensors, says the vendor.

Aw 1961 1004 Piher
The switching point can be programmed at any angle, allowing maximum design flexibility. It can also be used as an indicator for multi-turn applications. This low-current switch design incorporates both on and off positions that provide a secondary position verification for improved safety, important for critical applications in harsh environments. The PSC-360 also provides high-temperature capabilities with operational performance between -40ºC to +150ºC and accuracy over 360º at 0.5%. The IP67-rated sensor is housed in a low-profile 13mm package. Designed with the permanent magnet as the only moving component, the sensor provides a mechanical life of up to 50 million cycles. Pricing is less than $20 in production quantities.

Piher North America

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