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Manufacturers Collaborate on ERP Enhancements

The EnterpriseIQ 7.7 ERP solution for manufacturing uses the vendor’s Web 2.0 Community Server collaboration portal as the main catalyst for development changes.

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Community Server allows customers to contribute their development ideas and to comment on ideas of others to help drive the system forward. This collaborative method streamlines the development process and allows customer-driven changes to be released more quickly.  As the vendor’s first fully collaborative development release, EnterpriseIQ 7.7 features more than 400 enhancements, across all areas of the extended manufacturing ERP package, including Quality Management, SPC, Shop Floor Integration, CRM, Scheduling, Process Costing and Human Resources. Because EnterpriseIQ doesn’t rely on any third-party applications or integration partners, the upgrade process for customers is easier and they can realize more quickly the benefits of the improvements. EnterpriseIQ 7.7 is available now, and all maintained customers are eligible to receive the update at no charge.


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