Crimson Operator Interface Configuration Software

Red Lion Controls announces Crimson® 3.0, the latest version of their popular, free operator interface configuration software.

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With a redesigned interface and many new features, Crimson 3.0 facilitates simplified design and implementation of attractive and powerful user interface solutions. The new software works with the company's popular G3 Series and G3 Kadet Series operator interfaces, Modular Controller and Data Station Plus. Crimson 3.0 also delivers global support via five built-in languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese—with more languages planned for future release.

"Crimson software takes the complexity out of programming an HMI or Red Lion's process control and data acquisition devices," said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion Product Manager. "Built from the ground up and tested in actual user applications for over a year, version 3.0 is the direct result of customer requests for enhanced functionality," Benefiel said.

The numerous new features of Crimson 3.0 allow users to simply perform the following tasks:

  • Drag tags onto the screen to create instant objects
  • Create hundreds of tags using smart copy to auto index register addresses
  • Achieve faster programming by using quick menus that provide a short list of the most common tasks
  • Utilize anti-aliased fonts for improved user visibility
  • Select from many new images added to the database of already more than 4,000 images
  • Add data and text to any object; use new looks and better color fills
  • Stop worrying about mistakes with an unlimited number of undo commands
  • Create master slides to share objects with other pages and shorten editing time
  • Combine multiple dynamic objects together to create a single working widget; share widgets with other users around the globe
  • Mass edit tags to modify the following attributes: color, security, alarms, format, mapping, scaling and triggers
  • Convert an application database written for a large HMI to a smaller HMI with the easy conversion utility
  • Manage the entire database of fonts or images through a single utility

Learn more about the new features and download a copy of Crimson 3.0.

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