Omega Temperature Measurement Handbook(R)

We are pleased to announce the release of Volume MMXIV Omega Temperature Measurement Handbook® 7th Edition.

Aw 1999 1003 Omega Pr

It offers detailed information and specifications on over 40,000 products for process measurement and control featured on over 2,000 Full Color pages. The New 7th Edition contains the latest technology and new products in sanitary temperature sensors and devices, wireless connectors and instruments, profile temperature labels, thermal imagers and infrared temperature products, automation products, new technical books related to measurement and control, as well as updated technical references and data.

Also included are Omega's most popular temperature measurement and control products including thermocouples, RTD probes and elements, thermistors, calibration equipment, handheld instruments, meters, controllers, timers, transmitters, process controllers and power switching devices, data acquisition, recorders, cryogenics temperature measurement, and heaters.

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