70 Series WINSTA(R) MIDI and 890 Series MINI Pluggable Connectors

WAGO Corporation's 770 Series WINSTA® MIDI and 890 Series MINI Pluggable Connectors are UL Recognized 600V devices for disconnection under load.

Aw 2000 1003 Wago Pr2

This enables WINSTA® MIDI and MINI to serve as a safe means of disconnection for hot swappable components (e.g., small motors, LED drivers, pumps, or actuators). Its touch-safe design protects against hazardous shocks while disconnecting under load. WINSTA's preceding ground pin makes first and breaks last, ensuring a reliable system ground is in place when other connections are made or broken.

To earn certification, WINSTA® MIDI and MINI passed a UL1977-prescribed overload and resistance-to-arcing test mandating 250 mating cycles at 150% of rated current without electrical or mechanical failure. WINSTA® MINI obtained a UL current interruption rating of 5A/600V; WINSTA® MIDI has UL current interruption rating up to 10A/600V. Both ratings are exclusive to this class of connectors, and higher current ratings (up to 20A) apply for non-interrupting applications.

About WINSTA® Pluggable Connectors:
WINSTA® MIDI accommodates conductors AWG 20-12 up to 20A, the compact MINI for AWG 22-16 and up to 14A. Both feature 2- to 5-pole plug and socket modules for cord-end or snap-in panel mounting; various pluggable distributors (e.g., T-connectors, H-connectors); as well as distribution boxes. WINSTA® push-in terminations are easy, vibration-proof and maintenance-free. Additional safety features: touch-proof housings and connections that are 100% safeguarded from mismating - coding options offer additional project-related protection. Mated pairs utilize Positive Locking to ensure halves are properly connected.

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