Make Sure Your Big Decisions Are Based on Fact

March 19, 2010
When product quality, time-to-market and OEE are at stake, FactoryTalk® Historian from Rockwell Automation ensures you have the data to make sound decisions.

Every moment a plant is producing—but not tracking data—creates risk for the manufacturer. Accurate, real-time Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) is critical to enable manufacturers to make decisions that will affect such key performance indicators as product quality, time-to-market, or overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). A fast, reliable historian strategy is a critical component to any MI program.

When you know what’s happening on the plant floor, you can make better decisions—about process, time and material management—whatever you’ve identified as contributing to your continuous improvement objectives.

FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition (ME) is ideal for capturing every event on a machine. Users can gather information from up to four controllers on one backplane, which enables both high speed and full resolution that is not impacted by potential server or network disruption. Its solid-state chassis and limited software footprint make it ideal for situations where absolute reliability—even in difficult or remote environments—is a must.

When paired with a plant system historian like FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition (SE), operators can view historical data from machines, and correlate and analyze operations against enterprise-wide corporate production parameters. FactoryTalk Historian SE supplies complex manufacturing data to a centralized location, providing insight into performance parameters from a single subassembly, to a production line and across a plant. The system comes online quickly, automatically discovering and configuring tags that it routes to managers, production supervisors and operators for on-demand analysis to improve decision-making.

The coordination of the two products provides enhanced visibility into the full breadth of enterprise data: from high-speed processes to slow, and from a single machine to a whole plant. That visibility helps locate and correct sources of inefficiencies quickly, enabling critical improvements in a range of key performance areas--manufacturing consistency, energy use, first-pass quality--improving your overall manufacturing results.
With the upcoming release of Historian Enterprise Edition (EE), manufacturers will be able to compare performance at different plants across the global enterprise.

The FactoryTalk Historian Strategy features:
•    An extensive series of Microsoft-compatible reporting tools.
•    Automatic installation and configuration for fast, easy implementation.
•    Data collection capabilities to as fast as 10 milliseconds at full resolution.
•    An open platform enabling flexible data collection capabilities from virtually any control system or HMI.
•    Highly available interfaces with built-in redundancy.
•    An embedded advanced computing engine that automates calculations, totalizers, and alarms.
•    Highly accurate, highly reliable data capture and storage.

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