RSBT Series 3-phase HVAC Compressor Softstarter

March 4, 2010
Carlo Gavazzi Automation, the international electronic automations group with activities in the design, manufacturing and marketing of electronic equipment, has recently launched the RSBT Series, which is a 3-phase soft-starting solution which optimizes current reduction for HVAC (scroll) compressors, mainly used in heat pumps.

In fact, heat pumps are one of the most cost-effective technologies to replace fossil-fueled heating equipment. According to the International Energy Agency BLUE Map Scenario, heat pumps could contribute up to 80% of total emission reductions targeted by 2015.

The RSBT Series is equipped with an innovative auto-adaptive algorithm (patent pending), which reduces energy consumption each time compressor starts, by self-adjusting appropriate parameters. In this way, it limits current inrush up to 65%, compared to direct-on-line (DOL) starting. The RSBT Series is compliant with Class B (residential) requirements for emissions, does not need any external settings and is provided with a very compact housing (45 mm). It also provides phase sequence and imbalance protection.

The launch of the new RSBT Series strengthens Carlo Gavazzi's position in the HVAC Industry, providing a compact solution that limits the typically high starting current of scroll compressors. Energy efficiency, mainly in residential contexts, continues to be a hot topic, due to growing consumer environmental awareness and to higher tariffs. With the RSBT Series, heat pumps become even more efficient and current reduction is maximized with every compressor start, thanks to an innovative auto-adaptive algorithm. Some of the main features of the RSBT Series include:

  • Auto-adaptive algorithm for optimum current, with no front panel settings required
  • Current inrush reduction up to 65%
  • 3-phase controlled, internally bypassed
  • Compliant to EMC Class B (residential) norms
  • Extremely compact dimensions (45mm housing)
  • Softstarting of 3-phase compressors up to 15Hp
  • Up to 32A maximum continuous current
  • For 3-phase compressors rated 220 / 400VACrms
  • Integrated phase sequence/imbalance monitoring
  • Internal over-temperature protection
  • Optional external EMC/RFI filter
  • Optional external auxiliary relay alarm output
  • UL and cUL listed and CE marked

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