Intense Machine Vision Illumination

The new IDD-KH Series High Power Dome Lights are available in six standard sizes ranging from 80mm (3-in.) to 350mm (14-in.) in diameter.

Aw 2035 1003 S Ldd

The largest model in the vendor’s Dome Series, the IDD-KH350’s illumination intensity is greatest at up to 10mm working distances, from which it uniformly lights a 300mm field of view. The high-brightness “Power LEDs” used in all IDD-KH models are designed to provide machine vision systems with generous light output for measuring, inspecting and reading applications where intense illumination is required. The IDD-KH’s hemispherical dome delivers a broad angle of illumination onto a part’s surface, reducing shadows that can make imaging shiny spherical and irregular surfaces problematic. IDD-KH models are diffuse and available with red, white, blue or green Power LEDs.  Models larger than 350mm diameter may be custom ordered.

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