Industrial Fingerprint Recognition Switch

The Harmony Biometric Switch is billed as the world’s first industrial switch to use biometric fingerprint-recognition technology in order to grant employee access to sensitive areas and machine functions.

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The industrially hardened switch reads fingerprint patterns to verify that someone is authorized to access sensitive areas and machine functions through an anonymous process in which fingerprints serve only to authorize access, not confirm an individual’s identity. Fingerprint readers—unlike passwords, swipe cards or pin numbers—can’t be lost, stolen, borrowed, guessed or forgotten. The Harmony Biometric Switch has two operating modes: on-off mode or pulse mode for momentary action. Authentication takes less than one second, and the false acceptance rate is less than 0.1 percent, says the vendor. The switches can remember up to 200 fingerprints, including several fingers from the same operator. The switch fits in a standard 22mm push-button mounting hole, resists mechanical shock and vibration, protects against EMC noise and UV light, and meets IP65 and NEMA 12 standards.

Schneider Electric

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