Long-range Wireless Ethernet

The SureCross DXER9 Ethernet Data Radio is an industrial-grade, long-range 900 MHz radio used to create point-to-multipoint configurations of wireless Ethernet networks.

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The DXER9 is designed for industrial applications and to perform reliably in applications that prove too noisy or too far for standard Wi-Fi based systems. Key features of the SureCross Ethernet Data Radio include: 900MHz high-gain system has more than 10 times the range of a Wi-Fi network; 10+ mile range outside line of sight; 1500+ foot range indoors—900 MHz penetrates walls easily; 128-bit AES encryption for Ethernet data packets; sub-block error detection and retransmission; automatic scan or manual override for the best of 12 communication channels; and indicator LEDs for channel selection and signal strength.

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