PLCs: There's an App for That

ScadaMobile 1.3 iPhone software adds support for Allen-Bradley Logix controllers through Ethernet/IP. ScadaMobile already supports Modbus/TCP protocol and Omron controllers.

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The app is aimed at PLC software developers, plant engineers, plant operators or maintenance people who need instant access to real-time information and data from PLC controlled processes. With ScadaMobile, users can supervise (display and change) process variables from multiple PLCs or RTUs. Real-time information is presented in an all-in-one interface where variables can be arranged and grouped in Pages and Sections for quick retrieval. ScadaMobile 1.3 can monitor an unlimited number of tags, and is priced at $74.99. An evaluation version, ScadaMobile Lite, is limited to 4 tags and can be downloaded for $2.99. ScadaMobile is available on the App Store and requires an iTunes account.

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