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Weigh Indicator/Controller

Avery Weigh-Tronix introduces the Model 1080 weight indicator/controller.

Aw 2108 1002 Avery Pr

The 1080 is a cost-effective data management and process control solution that utilizes modern communications protocols in standard and custom-configured floor scale, bench scale, vessel and specialized weighing applications. Offering built-in Fieldbus interfaces--including Ethernet 10/100, Profibus® DP and DeviceNet™, as well as support for ODVA™ Protocols--the 1080 meets current application needs while accommodating future growth. Its analog output option and RS 232/422/485 interface allows the 1080 to provide data transfer for legacy equipment. Additionally, the 1080’s compact form factor allows it to be easily installed in panel-mount applications, where space is at a premium.

Supporting up to eight 350 ohm weight sensors in a single scale configuration, the 1080 offers exceptional flexibility through a suite of specialized applications:

  • Batching routines: The 1080 can provide ingredient control through a PLC interface or setpoint control, and accommodates recipes consisting of up to three weight ingredients and five timed events.

  • Counting routines: Through a sequence of key presses, the 1080 can display Piece Weight, Count Total and Count Transactions in counting applications.

  • Peak weighing: The 1080 can capture and display the highest stable weight detected during a weighing cycle.

  • Checkweighing: Along with displaying weight data, the 1080 provides visual indication of whether the measured load is Correct, Under or Over the target value, plus Standard Deviation and X-Bar/R data for analysis.

  • Split axle truck weighing: When connected to a truck scale platform, the 1080 collects each axle weight separately, then transmits the entire vehicle weight via its communication ports.

The 1080 features three inputs configurable for Zero, Print, Start, Stop, Tare, Units and Tare Cancel actions. With a bright LED display with .56" (14 mm) digits, the 1080 is easy to read and offers an array of annunciators for network status and visual indication of weight data. Additional benefits of the Model 1080 indicator/controller include:

  • Serves as a remote display in applications where weight information must be monitored from a back-office data collection system

  • Transmits data, including transaction time and date, to peripheral printers and computers in a customizable format

  • Configurable for single channel accumulation, allowing a supervisor to view and transmit the total amount of weight measured, such as during a single shift

  • Offers optional remote foot control for improved efficiency in everyday "lift and weigh" applications--giving the operator hands-free control of common scale functions

  • Provides configurable, built-in digital vibration filtering system and IP66 (NEMA 4X) rating for stable, continuous readings even in the harshest environments

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