6-inch Touch Panel Joins Line

The C-more micro family now offers a 6-inch TFT color touch screen HMI panel.

Aw 2132 1002 Autodir
The panel’s 32,768 colors provide clear and colorful graphics for vibrant and intuitive screens, says the vendor. The free programming software offers the choice of using built-in objects or importing custom graphics. The user can create and save custom objects and graphics to software libraries for fast and easy access from multiple projects. The 6-inch touch panel is equipped with a standard Type B USB programming port and five durable function keys with LED indicators. The unit offers 3.2Mb memory, LED backlight, multistate bitmap support and Windows font support. C-more micro’s 320x240 screen allows either portrait or landscape installation when space is a concern. The panel is priced at $399.


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