Pressure Switches Get Greener

The Square D brand Pumptrol 9013 pressure switch line has been enhanced to make it more environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant.

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These pressure switches now feature Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant Chromate 3 plating, which reduces the potential for corrosion and rust through a more environmentally friendly plating material composition. The diaphragm also is manufactured to U.S Food & Drug Administration specification CFR 177.2600, making the switches certified for potable (drinking) water systems, while also meeting lead content restrictions for plumbing fixtures. The switches also meet requirements of California Proposition 65, along with that state’s new AB 1953 regulations and Vermont law No.193/S.152, both of which require that materials delivering drinking water have less than 0.25 percent lead content. The lead content of the switches’ flange and pressure connector, which comes in contact with water, is 0.020 percent or less.

Schneider Electric

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