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Field Diagnosis for Fieldvue Instruments

Release 3.2 of the 475 Field Communicator includes the new ValveLink Mobile application.

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ValveLink Mobile allows users of the handheld communicator to access predictive diagnostics from Fisher Fieldvue digital valve controllers in the field and transfer the results to the vendor’s AMS Suite, a predictive maintenance application, for in-depth analysis and documentation. The 475 Field Communicator provides universal support for all Hart, WirelessHart and Foundation fieldbus devices, and is intrinsically safe so it can be used anywhere in the plant. ValveLink Mobile is designed to provide an easy-to-use tool for start-up, commissioning and diagnosing Fieldvue instruments in the field. As part of the 475 Field Communicator 3.2, it provides fast, touch-screen access to key maintenance and troubleshooting tools. Diagnostic data can be viewed and stored locally as well as uploaded to AMS Suite for additional evaluation and diagnosis.

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