Mount RFID Tags on Metal

As part of the vendor’s BIS M series of RFID products, a direct metal-mount or M-M RFID system is designed to provide tough industrial track-and-trace capability using a non-contact, ISO 15693-compliant passive data carrier technology.

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This technology allows the RFID tag to be mounted directly on any alloy or metal surface without the typical interference or loss in range. M-M tags and heads offer a range of 52mm to 65mm regardless of the alloy content of the metal, including aluminum, says the vendor. Contained in a robust, compact housing, the tags are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 130°C. There are two industrial head options: a self-contained processor and read/write head with a built-in RS-232 serial interface; or a read/write head in an identical housing that can be connected to any of the vendor’s several remote processors.


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