New Family of Single and 3-phase Power Supplies

Wieland's new family of UL Listed and CSA Certified (cULus), switching power supplies delivers a control voltage of 24V DC, at an output current from 1.25A to 40A.

Aw 2175 1001 Wieland Pr

Wieland offers nine models including six single-phase and three three-phase, approved worldwide for a temperature range from -25°C to +71°C. All models feature short circuit protection and a robust, proven design.

The six fully enclosed, single-phase units take minimum space on the DIN rail as their width varies from only 1.7 in. (43.5 mm) to 6.9 in. (175 mm). All single-phase models accept a wide universal input voltage range, allowing one unit to operate in many applications. Input voltage for three units range from 115/230V AC and 210 - 375V DC, for two units from 85 - 264V AC and 90 - 375V DC, and for one unit from 115/230V AC and 120 - 370V DC. Output current varies from 1.25A to 20A DC.

The three fully enclosed, three-phase units measure only 3.5 in. (90 mm) to 10.9 in. (276 mm) wide. All three-phase models accept a wide universal input range, 400 - 500V AC and 480 - 820V DC. Output current varies from 10A to 40A DC. Single-phase and three-phase units feature touch-proof screw terminations for input and output wire connections to ensure personnel safety.

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