ESD Packaging for Sensors

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging has been added on all of the vendor’s piezoresistive pressure sensor lines.

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Within typical testing environments, ESD is a commonly identified cause of difficult-to-duplicate or unpredictable sensor and instrumentation malfunctions, false measurement readings and compromised data integrity. This can also result in large amounts of unplanned downtime. The vendor’s new ESD packaging supports user companies’ in-house ESD control programs, while further protecting highly sensitive pressure sensors from handling damage, prior to reaching their intended application environment. Packaging includes a static shielded bag with ESD-sensitive marketing, labeled ESD foam inside of a hard plastic case, and inclusion of the calibration certificate within the case, to ensure that it travels with the sensor. With these enhancements, a customer’s shipping and receiving, QA, inventory and other personnel are able to quickly identify an item as ESD sensitive, and utilize appropriate precautions.

Endevco Corp., a Meggitt Group Company

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