Browser Tools Simplify Loop Tuning

Thanks to new browser-based tuning tools, PlantTriage Version 9 enables an engineer or technician to tune more than 50 control loops per day, says the vendor.

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PlantTriage monitors the performance of all plant control loops and instruments in real-time, providing prioritized, focused advice. Prioritized tuning recommendations are shown in a standard Web browser or via automated e-mail. Users can then perform simulations, fine-tune the controller, select robustness and generate loop documentation. Live links to detailed dashboards can be used to inspect all aspects of control-loop performance. Only Microsoft Internet Explorer software is required on the client computer. “Loop tuning has always been a time-consuming process, with a lot of waiting. This new approach takes all the waiting out of the process. Now, engineers and technicians can confidently tune dozens of control loops a single day,” says George Buckbee, vice president of product development at the vendor.

ExperTune Inc.

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