DPC system with a Single Segment Redundant Backplane

TURCK Inc. has expanded its Diagnostic Power Conditioner (DPC) system with a Single Segment Redundant Backplane that can combine two isolated power supply modules into one FOUNDATION™ fieldbus segment.

Aw 2214 1001 Turck Pr

The new backplane includes an integrated diagnostic unit used to monitor the redundancy of the external bulk power supply along with the H1 power supply--aiding in the availability of the H1 segment. System status is available via a relay contact.

The backplane’s small footprint (113mm high by 42mm wide by 210mm long) is designed for DIN rail mounting, and features separate connections for grounding and shielding. The cable shield may be connected via shield clamps or screw terminals. Three-pole screw terminals with flange connections are also available to connect the segment outputs.

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