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PAC Features Dual CPUs

The APAX-5000 series of PACs integrates control, information processing and networking in a single control system with a unique dual-controller architecture, says the vendor.

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They consist of controllers, I/O modules, backplanes and power modules. Two standalone CPU modules working together are responsible for different tasks. One provides high computing power for HMI/SCADA, recipe, database and communication tasks while the other is dedicated for SoftLogic I/O tasks. The controllers also support back-up functions. The same I/O processing program can be stored on two controllers, one will execute the I/O processing and if that controller fails, the second controller will automatically take responsibility for I/O processing within 1.5 seconds. The I/O modules are well-equipped to be either local I/O or remote I/O through their Ethernet bus backplane. They offer one- and two-slot backplanes, (APAX-5001 and APAX-5002). Each APAX-5002 backplane offers one expansion port. A remote expansion with local-bus speed is built with a distance up to 100m.

Advantech Corp., Industrial Automation Group

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