I/O Device Simplifies Wiring

The BL Compact system is a modular I/O solution for collecting a variety of signals in a single, rugged node on a network.

Aw 2224 1001 Turck
Rather than routing all signals through a control cabinet, this device makes it possible to obtain analog, digital, thermocouple, RTD, serial, RFID or a mixture of signal types in a compact, on-the-machine device over DeviceNet, CANopen and Profibus-DP. Up to two signal types can be combined in any combination in the system, including RFID and analog, digital and serial. The system may be customized to suit a user’s needs, so that devices may be added to an existing network and signals may be gathered on a machine without an enclosure. This drop-in solution can be used to connect up to 16 devices, eliminating the time it takes to run wires for each device back to the control cabinet and the potential for wiring errors. Four-, eight- and 16-port versions are available in IP67 and IP69 rated packages.

Turck Inc.

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