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HMIs Mate with Micro PLCs

NV3-Series HMIs are designed to meet OEM and machine builders’ needs for simple device connections to multi-vendor PLCs in a space-saving, cost-efficient format.

Aw 2231 1001 Omron
Offering fast updates, large information capacity and high visibility, the HMIs are sized and priced for pairing with micro PLCs and compact AC drives or servo systems in small machines, enabling machine builders to use their current choice of PLC model without redesigning an existing system. Models with 3.6-in. color and monochrome screens (NV3Q) offer high-resolution QVGA (320x240 pixels) touch screen displays and come with USB ports to simplify wiring and reduce installation costs. Models with 3.1-in. monochrome screens (NV3W) offer 3-color backlighting and 64x128-pixel resolution.

Omron Electronics LLC

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