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ControlLogix Interface Communicates with EnDat Sensors

A direct interface to EnDat position encoders is now available for the 1756 ControlLogix PLC.

Aw 2274 0912 Amci Pr

The AMCI 7272 module is a digital, bidirectional interface for EnDat encoders, with features including latch inputs, onboard diagnostics, and read/write access. Utilizing Rockwell Automation licensed technology, the 7272 EnDat Interface PLC module is 100% compatible with the 1756 ControlLogix PLC.

The 7272 EnDat interface module directly interfaces with all Heidenhain EnDat 2.1 rotary encoders, high accuracy angle encoders, and linear scales. The module is digital, two-channel, and bidirectional; enabling it to transmit position values as well as read and update information stored in the encoder, or save new information. For high system reliability, sensor data such as application-specific parameters, compensation tables, error detection, and diagnostic capabilities are made available with this module. Several other features come standard.

EnDat position sensors are bidirectional, and thanks to the serial transmission method supported by AMCI's 7272 module, only four signal lines are required. They are also self-commissioning, reporting all the encoder's properties to the controller at power up. OEMs can download application specific data to the encoder's freely definable memory area. By using the AMCI EnDat interface module, use of these valuable functions is made available through the ControlLogix PLC.

AMCI's EnDat interface module paired with a Heidenhain EnDat encoder provides a feedback solution for all applications in motion control. Examples of applications that benefit from this pairing include machine tool, printing, and robotics.

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