Actuator Targets Precision Motion Control

The MotoDrive PDE Captive Linear Actuator, available in size 17 single or double stack, comes with an integrated chopper drive, forming a compact system that is well-suited for precision motion control applications.

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The system is capable of an output force of 220N (50lbs) for the single-stack version and 350N (78lbs) for the double-stack version. The captive configuration allows a self-contained linear actuator unit with an anti-rotation device guiding a splined output shaft. The load connects to the threaded shaft end. The MotoDrive can be programmed for micro-stepping with a step resolution range of 200 full steps per revolution to 12,800 steps per revolution when micro-stepping. With a supply voltage of 12VDC to 42VDC, the MotoDrive actuator functions with a run current programmable up to 2.6 Arms per phase. 

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.

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