Achieve 64-bit Motion Control

The vendor has added a SERCOS II digital drive interface to its MC464 Motion Coordinator range.

Aw 2309 0912 Trio
The MC464 SERCOS interface allows OEMs and automation systems integrators to benefit from advanced 64-bit multi-axis motion and machine control performance, and include application-matched drive and motor technologies from SERCOS-equipped products available from many manufacturers. The SERCOS interface is one of several digital drive interfaces available with the MC464 that may be mixed with a wide choice of fieldbus modules to realize Programmable Automation Control systems with up to 64 axes of motion, operator interfacing and I/O plus programming flexibility that includes the vendor’s TrioBASIC, G-code or industry standard IEC 61131. The MC464 SERCOS digital drive module sends and receives 32-bit control and feedback values for up to 16 axes at selectable data rates of up to 16MHz with a servo cycle period down to 250 microseconds. As the bus master, the MC464 Motion Coordinator can accommodate 4 SERCOS modules.

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