Linear Transducers Boost Accuracy

Micropulse Generation 7 linear position transducers feature improved measurement and environmental specifications, longer lengths, and more flexible set-up than previous models.

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Micropulse, the base offering, is fully backward compatible to the Generation 5 version, yet delivers better measurement performance and environmental ratings. The advanced version, Micropulse Plus, provides improved flexible output scaling and configuration using a PC interface. Performance benefits include: stroke lengths to 300-in.; maximum non-linearity cut in half; ±50µm for nominal strokes; ±0.01% of full scale for 500mm to 5500mm; ±0.02% of full scale from 5501mm to 7600mm. Dual bi-color LEDs handle diagnostics and provide a set-up aid for pushbutton scaling of the position outputs.

Balluff Inc.

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