New Family of eATM Automation Appliances Utilize Java Messaging Service Connection Technologies

Nov. 20, 2009
Online Development Inc. introduced a new family of eATM automation appliances that enable the connection of plant floor data with enterprise and plant-wide computer systems via Java Messaging Service (JMS) connection technologies in addition to traditional databases.

JMS-based connection technologies simplify the connection of dissimilar enterprise systems to support MES, ERP, CRM and other enterprise-wide business applications. The new eATM family makes integrating plant floor data easier through simple configuration of bidirectional data exchange, and connectivity with various plant floor controllers.

eATM appliances can be installed in a Rockwell Automation factory floor controller, or as a standalone module. Connectivity with the enterprise or plant system general computer system is via Ethernet. These appliances are available with adapters that connect to specific business systems and controllers. These include Messaging Adapters for IBM WAS JMS, Red Hat JBoss JMS, JBoss Community JMS, and IBM WMQ. Database Adapters are available for DB2 (AS400, System i, z/OS), MS SQL, My SQL and Oracle. Automation Adapters for Rockwell Automation CIP are available via the ControlLogix backplane, Rockwell bridge modules or by EtherNet/IP. Automation Adapters are also available for Siemens Industrial Ethernet and Schneider Electric Modbus TCP.

Configuration software for eATM appliances features intuitive screens and drop down menus to select data and establish conditions for triggering data exchanges based on values, time and other characteristics. It also configures the appliance's store and forward and failover features. If data is interrupted between the controller and the computer system, it is either stored in the module and then forwarded when the connection is resumed, or sent to a defined failover destination. In either case, alerts can be configured to be sent by email to warn of data loss.

"Automation Appliances are designed to provide embedded intelligence to support the end user's quest for operational excellence, which results in increased productivity and profitability," according to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. "The growth of Automation Appliances such as Online Development's eATM-JMS modules, has been fueled by their inherent benefits that include ease of use, low installation costs, reliability, flexibility, data security, and scalability, which results in faster product changeovers, better equipment utilization, higher quality levels and production rates, and quicker response to customer orders."

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