Wireless Sensing Applications Driven with FlexPower(TM) Solar Supply

Nov. 20, 2009
Banner Engineering's FlexPower™ Solar Supply, BWA-SOLAR-001, delivers a complete solution specifically designed for powering SureCross™ Wireless Network devices—offering an integrated charge controller, rechargeable battery pack, AC wall charger and mounting hardware.

The battery pack recharges in direct sunlight and continues to power the SureCross™ devices autonomously when sunlight is not available. The Solar Supply is an ideal solution for applications where wired power is not available or that require more power than a single-cell DX81 battery supply can provide.

Solar Supply Example 1:
Continuously Monitoring a 4-20 mA Transmitter

Often, in the oil and gas industry, the high value of the product requires that flow is measured continuously. Examples include custody transfer, remote drilling, and pipeline flow applications. A single FlexPower™ Solar Supply provides enough current to continuously power a 4-20 mA two-wire transmitter and FlexPower™ Node. This application requires an average of 80 minutes of sunlight per day and provides about 10 days of power without sunlight.

Solar Supply Example 2:
Wireless Network Range Extension

Extend the range of Banner's SureCross™ Wireless I/O network using solar-powered Data Radios. The FlexPower™ Solar Solution provides continuous power to a Data Radio and FlexPower™ Gateway. To complete the wireless network, battery or solar-powered Nodes collect I/O data up to 3 miles away. Visit www.bannerengineering.com for an overview of SureCross™ Wireless Network architecture.

Battery Backup Feature
The FlexPower™ Solar Supply can be used in addition to the DX81P6 Six-Pack Battery Supply as a backup power source. If the solar panel is damaged, the DX81P6 Battery Supply will provide backup power for a few weeks or longer depending on the load. For example, the battery backup can support a 2-wire sensor powered continuously with 15V at 20mA and a FlexPower™ Node transmitting once per second for up to 30 days.

Reduce Waste and Save Money with Solar
Banner's FlexPower™ Solar Supply is a stand-alone power option that enables wireless sensing where wired power is not available. The use of rechargeable batteries reduces the number of batteries necessary for long-term operation and ultimately minimizes electronic waste and saves money.

Visit BannerEngineering.com/Solar for more information.

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