Syspend(TM) 281-Max Provides Heavyweight HMI Suspension

Hoffman announces the SYSPEND™ 281-MAX HMI Suspension System for supporting and/or repositioning Human-Machine Interface (HMI) enclosures and devices up to a maximum load capacity of 281 lbs.

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The newest addition to Hoffman's rugged SYSPEND family of HMI products, the 281-MAX is designed around a modular platform consisting of aluminum tubes and die-cast aluminum components. This flexible system configuration provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for use in a wide range of process control applications where an enclosure needs to be positioned out of the way for cleaning, storage or safety considerations.

The SYSPEND 281-MAX Suspension System includes varying lengths of tubes, elbows, adapters and additional components that can be configured to provide a perfect suspension system for specific applications. The 281-MAX offers ergonomic, fatigue-free operation. Clean lines and smooth transitions between tubes and system components provide attractive aesthetics and easy cleaning. Tubing also provides structural integrity and acts as a conduit for equipment wiring, further enhancing the refined look. Plus, the six-fold positive connection between tubes and components, along with recessed mounting areas, deliver a secure attachment. Tubes attach with set screws that grab into the recesses in the system components for increased safety; no additional safety drilling is required.

"Hoffman's SYSPEND product family delivers robust and ergonomic solutions for supporting HMI enclosures," said Nathan Espinosa, Hoffman product manager. "Now, the 281-MAX adds to this comprehensive line, providing variety in system configuration, advanced design and ease of assembly." Espinosa adds, "Featuring an aesthetic, modular design, users can select from a series of tubes—with multiple lengths available—as well as elbows, adapters and more to build the ideal suspension system that is suitable for their applications."

Vertical motion tubes provide versatile, height-adjustable solutions for pedestal mounting an HMI Enclosure, and the system design facilitates user-friendly re-adjustment at any time, without disassembling the complete system or calibrating off-site. The 281-MAX features fully gasketed components that maintain the NEMA Type 12 enclosure rating.

Several features of Hoffman’s SYSPEND 281-MAX Suspension System make it particularly easy to use and set it apart from similar systems:

  • Supports up to 281 lbs. and allows operators to easily move controls into and out of position
  • Includes multiple modular components for simple and ergonomic operation and can be built to fit any application
  • Features clean lines and smooth transitions between tubes and system components for attractive aesthetics and easy cleaning
  • Delivers structural integrity via tubing that acts as a conduit for equipment wiring
  • Provides a unique, height-adjustable pedestal mounting solution
  • Features tube set screws coated with Loctite™ to seal threaded holes and provide secure connections; allows for easy adjustment of system alignment
  • Allows user-friendly readjustment at any time without disassembling the complete system
  • Offers cable access covers available on all components
  • Provides heavy-duty bearings in all movable joints for convenient, smooth operation and enhanced durability to withstand stresses of repeated use
  • Delivers variable torque adjustment available for all rotating components; general adjustment at the bearing with locking handle adjustment on enclosure couplings
  • Presents a wide range of configuration components and accessories
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