RSBS Series Reduces Starting Current

Nov. 12, 2009
Carlo Gavazzi has recently launched the RSBS Series Single-phase Plug-and-Play Soft Start, which reduces the starting current with heat pumps, which are most popular in residential installations.
The RSBS soft start represents a solid innovation since it limits the amperage demand, which peaks when single-phase scroll compressors - usually used in heat pumps - are starting. By maintaining the starting current below fixed limits, the RSBS allows to avoid high energy tariffs. It also reduces heat dissipation, thanks to bypassing of its internal power semiconductors. The RSBS provides a 60% reduction in current and increases compressor lifetime.This new soft start extends the range of the already existing RSBS platform, to provide starting solutions for compressors rated up to 32 Arms. This product launch strengthens Carlo Gavazzi's leading position in the single phase heat pump sector. Furthermore, the RSBS Series is the specific, compact solution that allows OEMs to meet the regulations on starting current, imposed by energy suppliers.The RSBS Series complies with EMC Class B (residential) requirements and assures an inrush current reduction up to 60%. Additionally, it reduces mechanical stress on compressors, thus increasing their lifetime. The RSBS Series provides optimized performances for scroll compressors and has an optional auxiliary alarm relay output available. Some of the primary technical features include:

o Integrated current limit feedback ensures inrush current reduction to o Internal Semiconductor Bypassing for reduction of heat dissipation
o Several integrated diagnostic features to ensure safe operation at all times
o Complies with EMC Class B (residential) requirements
o Optional auxiliary alarm relay output for interfacing of alarms to an external panel

/>The RSBS Series carries CE and cULus marks, which are your assurance of a high quality, tested, and safe product. It is available from Carlo Gavazzi's North American network of sales offices / distributors or>/>

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