Software Expands Networks, Programming

CX-One Version 3.2 software integrates PLC programming software with support software for setting up networks, operator interface HMIs, servo systems, inverters and temperature controllers.

The new version expands the communications networks supported by adding EtherNet/IP, CompoNet and Profinet. Industry standard, tag-based programming using the vendor’s CJ2H-CPU PAC via EtherNet/IP helps shorten program development time and troubleshooting. Programmers are able to use IEC61131-3 programming languages, including Sequential Function Chart and Structured Text. Separate language modules are not required. In deploying networks, the software uses just one connection to reduce network design time. Data can be backed up, compared and restored for all PLC units or specific PLC units at the target PLC. The CX-Designer HMI application supports 42 languages, including Asian languages.

Omron Electronics LLC

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