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Limit Energy to Hazardous Areas

The MZB series of Zener diode barriers is designed to effectively limit excess energy before it reaches a hazardous area.

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The barriers feature a bused power feed and offer both relay and solid-state switch models. They provide removable terminals within a space-saving design—with channels as small as 6.3mm wide—to consume minimal panel space. Each channel is fitted with two stages of pulse-tested diodes and an infallible terminating resistor, says the vendor. If an electrical fault such as an overvoltage occurs in the non-hazardous area of the barrier, the diodes limit the voltage available to hazardous area circuits, while the series resistance limits the current. Within this circuit is a fuse designed to immediately and safely rupture if the excess energy continuously applied to the barrier exceeds the design criteria for the loop.

Turck Inc.

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