HMIs Offer More for Less

Three 10-inch Graphic OIT models offer a choice of widescreen or high-resolution displays, and are designed to offer a substantial improvement in visual performance over standard interfaces at an attractive price.

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The HMI5100N and HMI5100T (with Ethernet) are 10.2-inch widescreens that have a 400MHz CPU with 128MB of Flash and 64MB of DRAM. Widescreen models feature 800x480-pixel, 65K-color TFT displays and offer 20 percent more usable screen area than the comparable standard 640x480 screen. With a display resolution of 800x600 pixels, the HMI5104XH is a 10.4-inch High Resolution Graphic OIT with a 500MHz CPU, 256MB of Flash and 256MB of DRAM. This high-resolution unit provides the same pixel coverage as a 12-inch HMI packed into the 10.4-inch unit. These graphic OITs come with a 2-year warranty.

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