Software Widens Data Accessibility

Proficy Cimplicity GlobalView is a highly scalable application designed to connect remote clients to enable real-time monitoring, data analysis and plant-floor control from within a Web browser.

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The application provides a full-featured HMI/SCADA client delivered over the Web so operators, engineers and managers can view, react and operate from wherever they are. GlobalView also introduces the Relay Server, designed to enable HMI/SCADA deployment on a massive scale. With a Relay Server deployed in the GlobalView architecture and multiple GlobalView servers underneath, customers have the ability to truly globalize their applications and support hundreds of simultaneous users with the only limitation being server hardware, says the vendor. “This product is a big step forward in the accessibility of real-time data to a large amount of users,” says Claire Cerrato, general manager of the vendor’s Automation Software group.

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