Users Drive Actuator Design

Based on customer feedback since the introduction of the Sigma Trac STF Series in 2002, the new Sigma Trac SGT Series of linear motor actuators is designed to accommodate requirements seen in a majority of customer applications.

Aw 2405 0911 Yaskawa
The Sigma Trac integrates the vendor’s linear motor components into a factory-engineered and assembled linear actuator. The Sigma Trac SGT Series includes the following features: factory assembled, fully integrated linear motor-driven slide design reduces machine design complexity and commissioning time; automatic motor recognition by the vendor’s amplifiers eliminates the need for user to input motor coil parameters; wide variety of stroke lengths, extremely high top speed and acceleration capability, smooth motion and accurate positioning; and large integrated cable carrier allows space for peripheral cables and hoses.

Yaskawa Electric America Inc.

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