Module Enables DAQ Flexibility

The USBPGF-S1 is a USB-controlled, single- channel programmable signal-conditioning instrumentation amplifier and low-pass filter.

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Designed to be extremely configurable, the USBPGF-S1 is available in a wide range of filter characteristics. Each USBPGF-S1 has intelligence built in to configure itself from power-up with  changeable but non-volatile configuration and operate independently in both a turn-key or host-computer-controlled scenario. The module is compatible with all 12, 16, or 24-bit A/D devices. The USBPGF-S1 provides the user with the ability to mix and match filter characteristics and independently select and program each module’s coupling (AC or DC), corner frequency, gain steps up to x1000 in either single-ended or differential measurements.

Alligator Technologies Inc.

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