Historian Ups Performance Ante

Trend Historian version 8.0 is designed to ease the task of collecting, storing, managing and automatically validating vast quantities of time series data.

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Available in either a 32-bit or 64-bit version, Trend Historian version 8.0 has been re-designed to maximize performance, capacities and throughputs. The writing performance on the Server exceeds 3.6 million updates (TVQs) per second, and the reading performance exceeds 13 million updates (TVQs) per second. Up to 1 million tags are available, while multi-threading provides an unlimited number of clients. Trend Historian compacts the data to minimize the disk storage requirements, and the data stream from the Historian returns the exact data stream that was sent. Data resolution is 100ns with unicode support, and the logger application supports two forms of dead banding: absolute and percentage.

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