Cable Built for Extremes

This Cat 5e cable features a flexible flat profile and an exclusive, extruded silicone encapsulation, says the vendor.

Aw 2497 0910 Cicoil
While meeting or exceeding all electrical and signal requirements for the Cat 5e standard, this flame-resistant version features a temperature rating from -65°C to +260°C range. The cables are submersible, with resistance to steam, salt water and de-ionized water, chemicals, acid, oils, alcohol and ozone. They feature a repeated bend radius of 0.9 inch, a cycle life exceeding 10 million repetitive flexing and a durometer rating of Shore A, 65. Rates for radiation exposure are to 10-7 Roentgens, the cables are approved by NASA for space flight, and exceed outgassing specifications for vacuum and space use.

Cicoil Corp.

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