Switches Add EtherNet/IP

The vendor has added EtherNet/IP, the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), and LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) to its line of fully managed Industrial Ethernet switches.

Aw 2498 0910 Ntron
EtherNet/IP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol), an open communications protocol, is designed for use in process control and industrial automation applications. EtherNet/IP uses CIP to link computers, PLCs, and remote devices in a producer/consumer model of communication. Optimized for industrial applications, CIP support allows the vendor’s switches to deliver information and configuration access directly to PLCs and HMIs via open standard communication protocol. LLDP is a vendor neutral discovery protocol that allows switches and other LLDP-capable devices on an IEEE802 LAN to advertise their capabilities to, and discover information from, neighboring LAN members. Discovered information is stored in a MIB accessible through SNMP management tools.

N-Tron Corp.

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